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Neu / Wave – Roza – Angel from the Silk Road

Posted on June 18, 2009

Introducing Roza, our Angel from the Silk Road. This 18 year old hails from Uzbekistan, a land that conjures up legends of the Silk Road, Chinggis Khan’s Mongol Horde and the Khanate of Timur. Her fragile features reminds us of a porcelain doll, an exotic treasure from a far away land.

Neu / Wave – Helle

Posted on June 9, 2009

Helle photographed by Alessandro Russino. Images
courtesy of the photographer.

Introducing Helle – another Nordic beauty from Norway. What is in the water over there? These images by Alessandro Russino capture a raw intensity, finding grace in simplicity.

Helle photographed by Jacob Sadrak. Screen Capture courtesy
of Hint Mag.

Helle is also featured on Hint Mag‘s June 2009 “Model Mania” column, moderated by Joseph Tenni.

Neu / Wave – Bruna

Posted on June 8, 2009

Introducing Bruna, a bold beauty from Brazil. She possesses a sultry, yet elegant look, refined and somehow fiery. Surely to set the summer temperature blazin’….

"Neu/Wave" of 2009 – Anastasia Khodkina

Posted on May 7, 2009

Anastasia Khodkina photographed by Thierry Le Goues.
Image courtesy of photographer and French publication.

Anastasia Khodkina has just arrived in NYC. The Muscovite beauty, with her sulty pout and diamond-cut bone structure, is ready to redefine “cool”.

The "Neu/Wave" of 2009 – Ingrid Elisabeth

Posted on April 30, 2009

Ingrid Elisabeth images courtesy of the

All hail the Nordic beauty of Ingrid Elisabeth, the first in the “NEU/ WAVE” landing at Mc2 NY.

Spearheaded by Mr. Jean Luc Brunel, this scouting tsunami is obsessed with the following mantra – Directional, Exclusive and Unique. The result – a “Youthquake” that’s generating major buzz in the city.

Stay tuned as each devastating beauty is unveiled……

Jean Carlos – Solo Supernova

Posted on April 28, 2009

Mc2 NY welcomes the arrival of Jean Carlos. He is the solo male model at our agency who is currently blowing up the blogosphere within days of his arrival. You can see postings of him on Made in Brazil via this link and on JD Vision via this link. Definitely a STAR on the rise.


Posted on January 29, 2009

Here is our latest discovery – Anna Plotitsina, from the Siberian city of Omsk. She has alabaster skin and ice blue eyes, possessing an other worldly aura. In NYC for the next few months, she has already been booked for a shoot with famed photographer Terry Richardson.

Alyona Zubakina

Posted on December 22, 2008

MC2 Model Management NYC – New Model Discorveries

Mc2 NY is set to launch the MC4 division, with a focus on strong, edotrial models to be launched in 2009,Our first model the Siberian Alyona Zubkina, who has a fantastic look – a bit Maggie Rizer, a bit like Twiggy, a bilt like like Emily Sanderg.

She has never been in the states and is schedule to premier in the f/w 2009 New York Collections.Ms. Zubikina is 175, 85, 38, 85, shoe 8, hair red-blonde, eyes green.

She is already gerating lots of interesting through MC2′ prepomotion to clients.It looks like a very good seaon for Alyona Z.